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The Moran Law Firm handles exclusively criminal defense matters. The firm takes pride in its extensive expertise and record of success in the defense of criminal cases both in state and federal courts.


Moran Law Firm recognizes that legal fees often come at a difficult time for our clients, and their families. We strive to ensure that our clients are able to receive the highest quality legal representation, while keeping the costs and fees associated with representation reasonable.

Fees and related costs may be paid in cash, check, debit, and with credit cards.


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“August 6, 2017, the moment my partner got his life back. Let’s back track 7 months ahead, when I was just a chicken with my head cut off. My boyfriend of 5 years had been accused of some horrific, god awful accusations and was put in jail. I, without doubt knew he wasn’t capable of doing such things, so I hired a lawyer . Let me tell you, this lawyer is like no other. Her compassion and her understanding just made me feel like, hey every thing is going to be all right . She fought for us with the best of her ability. Words can’t explain the gratitude that I have for Amanda Moran and her amazing team who were there for us every step up the way with their kindness, their compassion, and their hard work. Thank you guys, a million times thank you! You guys brought our family back together.”

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