Jason T. Oleson


Jason T. Oleson

Post-Grad Law Clerk


Jason graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in Criminology. While at Fresno State, Jason was accepted into the Sigma Alpha Lambda National Honor Society.

Prior to joining the Moran team, Jason completed an internship at WestCare, where he was exposed to the clinical aspects of the addiction and the recovery process. Jason’s internship has provided to be very beneficial to his current role, because many of our clients have entered treatment programs, and his perspective and knowledge have provided to be of great benefit. Jason also volunteered at the California Justice League, where he was first introduced to criminal defense law.

In 2019, Jason graduated from San Joaquin College of Law, (SJCL). While at SJCL. Jason was accepted into the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity. Jason served on the Board of Delta Theta Phi for three years; he held the positions of: [1] Vice Dean; [2] Treasurer; and [3] Sergeant-at-Arms. Jason participated in two Moot Court Competitions while at SJCL: [1] the 2016 George Hopper Moot Court Competition; and [2] the UCLA Cybercrimes Moot Court Competition. For the George Hopper Moot Court Competition, Jason won Best Brief and advanced to the Final Round of the oral competition. As a law student, Jason felt strongly about volunteering his time in the legal community. He has assisted with the CCLS Senior Law Day; helped individuals at CCLS with their Immigration applications; and served as a judge at the 2017 and 2018 Fresno State Western Regional National Mock Trial competition. At SJCL, Jason was awarded the Ernest S. Kinney Trial Lawyer Scholarship and Delta Theta Phi Scholarship. In 2018, Jason received the 2018 SJCL Student of the Year Award. Last, in 2018, Jason was awarded the Wiley W. Manuel Certificate Award for dedication of his time and experience in performing pro bono services.


In May of 2017, Jason joined the Moran Law Firm, and is now a Post-Grad Law Clerk. As a Clerk, Jason’s primary role is preparing legal motions and Post-Conviction Writs and Appeals—with the oversight of his supervising attorney. Jason’s exceptional research and writing skills have been utilized in: [1] multiple Appeals and Writs submitted to the Fifth District Court of Appeals; [2] multiple Writs and Appeals submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals—including an Appeal accepted for Oral Argument in August of 2020; [3] a Petition for review by the California Supreme Court; and [4] countless motions, in both Civil and Criminal law, to the Superior Court of California. Additionally, Jason has received experience assisting in Special Circumstances Homicide cases including a highly complex death penalty case. Jason has quickly become an integral member of the Moran Law Firm, because he has a demonstrated a passion and commitment to providing our clients with the very best defense possible.

In Jason’s capacity as a Post-Grad Law Clerk, he has received the following compliments from Clients:

1. “[Jason’s brief was] very powerful and professional”—D.B.; and

2. “I wanted to thank you for the appeal filed on my behalf…My wife and I read through it and were both amazed how thorough it was written and in fact, how well-written it was. You explain things so easily even we could understand! We both appreciated the many examples you cited using previous case law…It was very clear to both of us. Thank you very, very much. –A.R.

Last, Jason has had the privilege in assisting in every stage of litigation proceedings—in both civil and criminal matters. In the capacity of a Certified Law Clerk, under Attorney Moran’s supervision, Jason was allowed to: [1] make several appearances on the record; and [2] perform a Direct Examination of a Witness. Jason is ecstatic to have had the opportunity to assist in several juvenile justice cases, a homicide trial, and several complex sex cases.

Moran Law Firm stands apart from most firms because when you hire us, you hire an entire team of people who are dedicated to fighting your case. Jason Oleson takes great pride in his role as a Post-Grad Law Clerk, and as a member of our defense team. He approaches each case with intense scrutiny and works to lay the foundation to a great defense against the injustice that our clients are facing.