Criminal Law

The Moran Law Firm handles exclusively criminal law matters at both the trial court and the appellate court levels. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, contact our office immediately. Our office handles all criminal matters in both State and Federal Court. That includes everything from the simplest traffic ticket to the most complex criminal cases-even including Death Penalty Cases.

It is critical that you understand that anything you say to law enforcement or the prosecutor can be used against you. Therefore, it is important to call us immediately, and avoid trying to handle your case by yourself. Our attorneys are trained professionals, we can walk through the legal system with you, and help to educate you on what your rights and obligations are. Often times, people who have not yet obtained legal counsel will speak to law enforcement, thinking that they are helping themselves, to find that everything they have said is twisted around, taken out of context, and ultimately hurts them and their case.

You Are Not Alone

If you or a loved one finds yourself in custody, we also do in-person jail visits to address your case with you. If you have to go to court, let Moran Law Firm be there with you from the start. Or, you could wait until everything goes bad, and contact us for an appeal or writ. But we don’t recommend that-we would rather you have the right legal defense team from day one!

  • Present you with defense options to help you combat your charges
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges or sentence reduced, if possible
  • Carefully investigate your case to uncover evidence
  • Interview all parties involved, including police
  • Bring in witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf

To learn more about Moran Law Firm’s criminal law services, call today (559) 264-2688 to set up an initial case evaluation here.