Family Law

The Moran Law Firm Difference

Our firm branched out into Family Law in 2017, after our Criminal Law clients began referring their friends and families to handle not just their Criminal Law Needs-but for their Family Law matters, as well. As we began handling Family Law Cases, we immediately began to see that many local attorneys are charging outrageous hourly fees and essentially bankrupting their clients. Not only were Family Law clients spending tens of thousands of dollars on their legal fees-but nothing was getting done in their cases. Many Family Law clients expressed how frustrated they with the complicated process, and how they had lost faith in their Attorneys, who seemed to only focus on the dollar signs, and not their client’s best interest. At Moran Law Firm-we saw an opportunity to change the way the Fresno County Family Law System worked-by charging lower fees and providing higher quality individualized representation to Family Law Clients.

At Moran Law Firm, we build relationships with our clients, and we take the time necessary to ensure that we are moving each case in the right direction. We work together with our clients to make sure we understand what their ultimate goal is-so that we can help them take the steps necessary to get them towards that goal

Effective Advocacy In Or Out Of Court

In these complex and contentious disputes, our primary objective is to keep the proceedings as amicable and as simple as possible. If you have children, your chosen approach will affect your future relationship as co-parents, and a practical parenting agreement is almost always preferable to a judge’s edict.

The Moran Law Firm Promise To Our Clients

Our law firm will diligently, yet expeditiously, handle your case. While we cannot control the speed of the court’s docket, we will work to move your case along as quickly as possible. We offer seasoned advice on the issues that arise in dissolution actions. We will respect your wishes and aggressively, yet compassionately, work to advance your interests while maintaining high standards of legal, professional, and ethical integrity.

We try to resolve every case without litigation, yet we realize an out-of-court resolution is not always possible. As formidable trial lawyers, we will litigate if faced with a bad faith offer. Whichever course your family law matter takes, The Moran Law Firm’s team will always treat you with respect, compassion, integrity and honesty.

We Devote Individualized Attention to Each Case

We will devote our attention to your case, without delay. We will prepare documents, filings, and discovery tailored to your matter. We will keep you apprised of court dates, and important deadlines, in connection with your case, and will be in contact regarding documents that you will need to read, authorize, and execute, before we file them with the court.

Negotiation of Parenting Plans

Disputes involving the care and maintenance of children are often the most emotional aspects of the divorce proceedings. Negotiations regarding child custody can take on a personal edge that few other subjects can match. An experienced family law attorney helps you sort through your emotions and identify your priorities in a child custody, child support and spousal support case.

The Moran Law Firm has experience with negotiating parenting plans in mediation, in the courtroom, and in a collaborative law setting. We seek to resolve child custody issues that include living arrangements, child support, visitation and parental decision-making on schooling, medical care, and related welfare issues. Your top priority is your child, and we will do everything we can to help to protect and preserve your relationship.

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