Being a parent is arguably the greatest joy a person can have. The parental experience is valued and appreciated so much—it was included as a protected constitutional right! However, it is well-established this right may be challenged—and even taken away—if the best interests of the child/children support it.


Since it is a constitutionally protected right, notice and a hearing must take place. This provides parents the opportunity to show the Court that the parents deserve the right to be parents to their child/children. Thus, this is the parents’ opportunity to show the Court that their child/children should not be removed from their custody/care.


Unquestionably, proceedings concerning custody of a child/children, are: [1] emotionally charged; [2] highly stressful, and [3] take a significant toll on the parents’ over-all wellbeing. For these reasons, it is vital to have representation assisting the parents. The benefits of having representation are: [1] the representative takes charge of the situation; [2] the representative is knowledgeable and has experience in this area; and [3] the parent/s are shielded from the anxiety which accompanies a person defending themselves.