Writs and Appeals

Moran LLP offers a unique service to our clients. Prior to agreeing to take on a Writ and/or appeal, we will review the case file, the trial transcripts, talk to the client in custody, speak with the trial attorney, and then follow that up with a meeting in our office, with the client, and/or his or her family. This is a truly important service, because many times, the Writ Petition is the last legal remedy available to the client, and Moran Law Firm wants to ensure that any Writ or Appeal that we accept, has a potentially meritorious legal claim. During the in-office- meeting, we will explain our review findings with the family, and/or the client, and offer our legal opinion as to what type of Writ Petition or Appeal is most appropriate.

Moran Law Firm charges a reasonable, sliding scale fee for the review, depending upon the seriousness and complexities of the case, and the location of the jail or prison where the client is confined. It is only after a comprehensive review of the case, and a determination that we can accept the Petition, Writ, or Appeal, will we be able to give you a price quote, and a credit of the amount already paid for the review.

Our Firm does not take every case that we review, because we believe that we have an ethical obligation to advise you or your loved ones of the legal claims, and an assessment of your chances of success on the merits. We place great value on the reputation our firm has for fairness, integrity, and professionalism, and because of that, we will give you and/or your loved ones an honest evaluation, before we begin the complex process of filing a Writ Petition or Appeal. Give us a call and we can set you up with a no-cost, initial office visit!